How To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

RF-96If you have a long commute and a full day at work where you spend most of your time sitting at a desk, you are not alone. Millions of Americans have sedentary jobs and while we all have to work, this type of job tends to have a negative effect on our bodies. Even if you manage to fit in a workout every day, many experts say that a single daily workout cannot counter the effects of spending so many hours sitting each day.

You probably have noticed some of these effects. For instance, after a couple of hours of work, you might get up to grab a cup of coffee or talk to a co-worker. Do you feel the stiffness in your joints? Perhaps the long hours you spend in a chair have caused back pain or aches. Your body needs to move in order to get blood and oxygen flowing throughout our bodies. Movement helps keep us fit and flexible, and we feel better in general. It might seem impossible, but there are some easy ways to make a sedentary job easier on your body.

Get up once each hour and stretch for a minute or two. Go grab a glass of water and just walk around. This gets the blood flowing and reduces stiffness. Set the time on your cell phone if you need a reminder. When you head to the restroom, go to a bathroom on a different floor and take the stairs instead of just walking to whatever restroom is closest. When you head out for lunch, select a place that is within walking distance and walk over. You can order ahead, pick up your food and walk back to work. This is a good way to exercise and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

A few other good ideas would be to swap out your desk chair for an exercise ball, which is especially easy to do if you work at home. At the very least, make sure your office chair promotes good posture. Consider getting a hands-free headset for your phone and during conference calls, walk around your office rather than just sitting on the phone. Obviously if you can walk to work, you should consider doing so at least a couple of times each week. When you get home and are sitting in front of the TV, get up during the commercials and walk in place or do some jumping jacks or stretches.

Sometimes, though, pain keeps us from moving around and this can be vicious cycle. Our back or shoulders hurt because we sit so much and it hurts to move. However, moving around and exercise can prevent the pain. If you already are experiencing pain that is preventing you from exercise and moving about, consider using a physiological hybrid shape.

The physiological hybrid shape is a pain relief product that adheres directly to the skin and works like a supportive exoskeleton protecting a sore muscle and gaining strength from outlying muscles. Because pain is reduced, you are able to move more freely which speeds up healing. Rapid Force has designed shapes specifically for lower back support and for upper back pain support, and this is a medicine-free back pain relief product. It adheres directly to the skin with a hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive.