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New, RAPIDFORCE PHYSIO HYBRID SHAPES have been called Tape 2.0 by many athletes, athletic trainers and physical therapists.

Engineered to give you stability like a brace AND flexibility like kinesiology tape in one easy to use, comfortable product, nothing else like them exists on the market today.

No more strips of wimpy tape. No more restrictive braces. You've just found the new revolution in muscle support and pain relief! Welcome!

RAPIDFORCE PHYSIO HYBRID SHAPES are adhesive applications that are applied directly to your skin and remain on for up to five days. The shapes were designed using the science of physiology and movement to mimic the muscle structure of the body. Each shape has a center point where the shape gives the most structure and support and 'arms' that borrow stability and strength from underlying muscles, tendons and ligaments providing reinforcement and increased circulation to the injured area.

The shapes are used by individuals, athletes, physical therapists and athletic trainers to reduce pain, improve joint stability, improve blood flow and promote healing. Any age, any activity, any injury - RapidForce was created to help everyone STAY STRONG. MOVE ON.

The shapes are constructed using a proprietary layering technique to achieve the right balance of elasticity and strength. The layers are compression fabric. Much like compression fabric shirts, shorts or pants, the fabric has strong elasticity properties, wicks sweat and is comfortable on the skin. The fabric also stretches in all dimensions (as opposed to kinesiology tape that stretches in one dimension).

The result is a thicker and stronger product that moves with the body in all directions, providing effective support to joints and muscles throughout the range of motion.

The chart above shows the tension differences with other kinesiology tapes on the market. Even when you stretch the PHS shapes by 5% you are getting a huge benefit in stronger support!

The adhesive is an acrylic medical-grade formula that is hypo-allergenic and latex free.

The adhesive is strong and will stay on through sweat and showers for up to five days. On some skin, the adhesive will last for up to 10 days! But we recommend removal after 5 days to let your skin breathe before the next application. The adhesive releases most easily in the shower using mild soap and water.

You may want to shave because this is stuff is strong!

To get the best results from the PHS shapes, you should not touch the adhesive before application. That is why we have a paper backing with slits to distinguish anchor points. The center is applied first followed by the middle backing (B) and finally the end tab (C). The middle backing is the only piece that is stretched - customized to your needs.

Application is simple. Below are a few tips for best results. Full application instructions can be found under each injury area under The Applications tab.

RAPIDFORCE PHS shapes come in Black. Sand and soon Pink.

There is no difference in performance, just choose which color you like!

RAPIDFORCE PHS shapes come in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 10-pack configurations.

Ready to find a shape for your targeted area or injury? Go to The Applications page...