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Relieves Achilles Pain – Provides strong support for the achilles tendon, pain often due to achilles tendonitis
Stronger – 15 times stronger than standard kinesiology tape
Long-Lasting – Supports for up to 5 days, staying secure despite physical activity and water
Easy to Apply – Just peel, stretch and secure
Flexible – Provides maximum mobility by flexing with your body

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I first became aware of Kinesiotape when studying for my MS in Exercise science. Students had to weigh in on its effectiveness in a forum discussion. I had been skeptical about Kinesiotape and decided to purchase some to try. I was an immediate believer. Since then I have tried many of the well known brands (KT Tape, Rock Tape) that are readily found on the market. Once I discovered Rapidforce shapes, it became the only product I use to tape my achilles, and other areas of need. I use the I-Shape on my achilles and have found it to be the tape that provides the greatest support, with great durability (up to 7 days if applied in the correct way), and greatest performance enhancement (I am an elite level obstacle course racer). As the I-shape is already pre cut, with pre cut backing application is quick and easy. I have used this tape in various applications on clients (i’m a certified exercise physiologist) and they too have loved its effect.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Finally, I found the perfect product for my Achilles pain! Imagine going to the gym and not being able to do a full squad or jump. The I shape RapidForce tape perfectly targeted my pain and reduced it significantly! It provides so much support and lasts so long. Now, when I apply the tape I am able to perform all exercises I used to do before I tore my Achilles.

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