We tested our product and have seen real-time evidence that our product can reduce pain and swelling and increase blood-flow.

When an injury to soft tissue occurs to properly heal requires a change in the force. RAPIDFORCE does this by taking the workload. What do we mean? By absorbing the force off the soft tissues it effectively “shares the workload”. Because the mechanical properties of RAPIDFORCE shapes are far superior and stronger than Kinesiology tape, healing happens quicker and with less pain.

Trained Professionals used diagnostic ultrasounds and color Doppler ultrasound to compare the fluid and blood-flow before and after application of RAPIDFORCE shapes.

We closely monitored the spreading of the swelling following application. The decreased swelling aids in helping the body to “clean up” the injured area, bringing in fresh blood and nutrients. Following an injury, bloodflow to the area is paramount to the healing process.


These images indicate a region of fluid pre and post PHS application, respectively, visualized via Color Power Doppler Ultrasound.
Before: Pre-PHS Application. Subject reported 4/10 knee pain. After: Post-PHS Application. Subject noted 2/10 pain.

Results from a test subject with shoulder pain before and after PHS application.
Color demonstrates significantly increased fluid circulation.

Subjects rated their pain both before and after application. 24 hours after application of the RAPIDFORCE shapes, Doppler ultrasounds allowed us to see the flow of blood through the tissues beneath our applications. This, along with the decrease in swelling means a decreased number of nerve endings transmitting pain to the brain. This resulted in a profound decrease in pain levels and increase in blood flow for the subjects even in areas with normally poor blood-flow like tendons and ligaments.

Disclaimer: Please see your medical professional with any kind of pain. Pain could be an indication of a serious condition. RAPIDFORCE phs are not meant to replace professional medical advice, professional treatment or a professional treatment plan.