The effectiveness of RAPIDFORCE shapes is proven through real-life use.

Athletes, trainers, and exercise enthusiasts have said they feel like they are getting the most out of their activity through the use of the RAPIDFORCE shapes. See what they have to say in these consumer testimonials.

April-Ross“I am super impressed with the premium quality of the RAPIDFORCE shapes. Kerri and I have a big season ahead of us and I’m excited RAPIDFORCE will be joining me on our journey!”

April Ross
Pro Beach Volleyball Player


Phil-Dalhausser“We’re always working out and we play tournaments almost year-round from practice to the big stage, the RAPIDFORCE shapes stay in place and give me the comfort of knowing I have extra support where I need it most.”

Phil Dalhausser
Pro Beach Volleyball Player


Amie-Livewire-Booth“As an elite endurance and obstacle course race athlete, I’ve tried many tapes, and none lasted through sweat, water, mud , and crawling/climbing. After trying RAPIDFORCE, I can honestly say the stuff is magical. One knee shape (U) lasted me through two separate days of an 8 hour obstacle race, both days I won. My knee was rocky as I had tweaked in a survival run in Nicaragua a few weeks before, so RAPIDFORCE helped tremendously. If you follow directions, these shapes can last for days, saving so much money on wasted re-taping using those strips from other brands. I will continue to wear these shapes! Amazing!”

Amie “Livewire” Booth
Endurance and OCR racer

Heather-Cammarata“I have been using RAPIDFORCE shapes for added stability in my knees during training and obstacle course racing. I have used other kinesiology products and the shapes are so much stronger than any tape I have used and stays on through training, racing and in the mud and water, sweating, and in the shower.”

Heather Cammarata
OCR racer


Coach Jonathan Aragon“As a professional fitness coach, preventing injury is a number one priority. RAPIDFORCE shapes are incredible easy to use that gives you great support no matter which sport you play. I have used several shapes for many Spartan Races on my knees, shoulders and lower back. The result of the RAPIDFORCE shapes is NO knee or back pain before, during or after. I highly recommend this for the avid athlete or even pro athletes.”

Coach Jonathan Aragon
Spartan Coach and OCR racer

huzon“We use RAPIDFORCE shapes for our competition team all the time. Because of them we continue to have State, Regional, National and World Champions on our team….they take the vigorous training regiment our members endure week after week”

Huzon Alexander
Alexander’s Tae Kwon Do


robert farah“I used the RAPIDFORCE for my wrist after i was diagnosed and treat it for an intersection syndrome. RAPIDFORCE gave me so much confidence once I started hitting again….I felt my wrist supported. The pain never came back. I love this product!”

Robert Farah
Pro Tennis Player


IMG_4583“I have been an OCR racer for three years and recently started weight lifting. My lower back has always been a problem area for me while doing these activities, especially if hills are involved. A few months ago I started wearing the Large Star shape and I have been able to lift heavier and race better without a painful back stopping me. These really have been a huge help in allowing me to stay healthy while doing what I enjoy!”

Tara Skinner
OCR Racer

IMG_0060“As an OCR and endurance athlete I’ve suffered a few injuries. Until I discovered Rapidforce shapes, I would try taping my ankles, knee and lower back, but I wouldn’t get a lot of support. It wouldn’t stick after running through mud or water. It was a waste of time and money. At an ultra-marathon someone let me try a U-shape for my knee pain. I was amazed at how well it worked, without constricting my movements. It’s stronger and more supportive than anything I’ve ever tried before. I absolutely love Rapidforce and all the shapes! It’s worth every penny!”

Alethea Tucker
Endurance & OCR Racer

“I am truly excited I found you(r) product. It is the first time I have had relief from tendinitis without getting a cortisone injection. I am prone to tendinitis in my knees, elbows, shoulders and wrist. No other brace has ever given me any real relief. I love that you can do anything and the product is not bulky or burdensome.”


“I just found out about RAPIDFORCE through the AVP volleyball tournament, and started using two weeks ago for my lower back. I have had chronic back pain for years and RAPIDFORCE has taken it away! Thank you, you definitely have a customer for life!!”

John Morgan
York, PA

“I can’t really believe it, but it’s helping my hip pain. I might have mentioned that I’m not an athlete, but my pain stems from needing a hip replacement. My surgery will be the end of July and I was hoping for some pain relief until then. Since yesterday when I applied it I really am feeling relief. For several days before application the pain was so bad I could barely walk.”


“I put it on my wife for her arthritic shoulder and it took all her pain away. I’m now using it on my hand for carpal tunnel.”


“I used the shapes on my knee for my soccer tryouts after it was hurting for several days. I felt little to no pain for the three days I had it on. The shapes allowed me to move and perform without restrictions. Also, even when I took the system off, my knee felt stronger. I will definitely use one of the RAPIDFORCE shapes if I ever get hurt, again.”


“My daughter was having shoulder pain from volleyball. While at a 3 day tournament she tried the shape made specifically for the shoulder. It alleviated all of her pain and stayed on for a full 5 days. When it came time for the next tournament she begged me to get her another one!! Great product and great customer service!”