Why We’re Better

Simply put, it’s the shape that makes the difference.

15x Stronger than Kinesiology Tape

RAPIDFORCE’s patented layering system is 15 times stronger than kinesiology tape and does not require layering or specific taping patterns to bring relief. Maximum support, combined with superior stretching in all directions the body moves, make the difference to you in healing faster.


Superior Materials In = Superior Product Out

We used superior products in RAPIDFORCE for a reason: it means superior results for you. The compression fabric used in RAPIDFORCE uses proprietary layering to achieve the right balance of elasticity and strength. The fabric wicks away moisture and, when properly applied, the proprietary medical grade adhesive makes sure the shape stays put, even with everyday showering or sweating through a workout. Each shape can last up to 3-5 days with proper application and care.



Simple but strong: One continuous piece with supporting “arms” anchors the shape to the body. Even though there is a science to how our shapes bring relief, you won’t need a degree to apply them.